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How It Works

NewCredit NewLife Corp. offers a free credit coaching consultation; a complete review of your 3 FREE Credit Reports and Scores are reviewed by a Credit Specialist. Our Credit Coaches experts will help you  to set short and long term financial goals for optimum credit. You will receive a credit coaching session every 30 days to review the progress of your credit.



The first step is to analyze your three credit reports so we identify what is affecting your credit scores. We will set up your private client portal so you are informed of the progress of your credit. Our effective strategies will take place and a plan of action will be executed.



All negative information will be disputed with Equifax, Transunions, and Experian; validation letter, cease & desist letters, etc. Your credit will be monitored 24/7 in REAL TIME; you will receive alerts via text message and email every time that something happens with your credit.



Join our happy clients today and start living the life you want! Getting where you want to be, is a better way to your FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

Get started with confidence!

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